19 m sydney
looking for a young rich miley cyrus to settle down with

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im goin down…. im yellin timber….. you better move.

i think my cat knows i am nostalgic and upset bc she has been snuggling up to me all day 

i dont deal with separation well unless its on my own terms. i can leave people and never care ever again but if they leave me i cnt deal with it. even when i know theyre cming back i just cant handle it

i need some advice from the universe please


Baroque x Ksubi 

exercising is hard & painful 1/5 stars i would not recommend to a friend. 

i got my denim hat in the mail mamamamamhahahahhahahaha

I’m going to go back to italy. i want to go to milan. fuck you.

im sorry im soty ims orry i take it back im srroy

i want to post about something on here that I’m cut up about… but i know it’ll make people feel bad… I’m not going to do it see how nice i am? see how i take your feelings into account I’m sorryt