19 m sydney
looking for a young rich miley cyrus to settle down with

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Johann Karlsson
Geothermal Spring, Iceland

my neighbours are celebrating easter with friends/family & im here.. home alone.. 

It’s good to document your feelings I think. I hope it’s good anyway because if it isn’t then I am up sh*it creek Lol

I feel left out and I know I could go and join in but I also feel like I shouldn’t because they’re *****’* friends now… Ok

im goin down…. im yellin timber….. you better move.

i think my cat knows i am nostalgic and upset bc she has been snuggling up to me all day 

i dont deal with separation well unless its on my own terms. i can leave people and never care ever again but if they leave me i cnt deal with it. even when i know theyre cming back i just cant handle it

i need some advice from the universe please


Baroque x Ksubi